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Walking Through The Fire of Growth and Change By your Side

" I came to Allison during a time in my life when I was feeling utterly hopeless. I am so grateful that I found Allison. I can honestly say it saved my life. Allison creates a safe space to be honest, open, and to explore new ways to approach life. She has helped my family, friends, and partners. It is a bit magical and indescribable the effect she can have." -Rachel

"Allison creates a very supportive environment and has enabled me to gently confront barriers that have not allowed me to live my life fully. I am and will always be indebted to Allison's patience, knowledge, creativity and poised approach to supporting me to live my best life. Thank you Allison." -Kate

"I can not recommend Allison highly enough- I simply would not have survived the past five years without her compassion and wisdom. She is the ideal therapist, possessed of a tremendous variety of approaches and techniques. If something doesn't work, Allison will have a fresh idea or new practice to suggest. Lying beneath this wealth of learning and training is a warm and inspiring intelligence the likes of which I haven't seen in any other therapist. I would recommend Allison to anyone needing to talk or to work on themselves. Her single greatest achievement for me was to get me on the road to forgiving myself- anyone in need of anything like this should book an appointment today. " -Dom

"Allison is not a clinical therapist; she is a human therapist. She sees me where I am at and for who I am. I am not a case or a disorder. She gently works with me to explore the places in my character development that have brought pain and suffering into my life. The tools and resources that she offers are not just protocol; they resonate with me. But more than anything, Allison is someone I have come to trust, admire, and deeply respect. While struggling with some harsh anger and compulsion in my life, I was able to walk through these painful emotional places with her without withholding or denying my true self. We were able to identify the root of the struggle and move through the next steps of finding additional support. She had developed such a cohesive understanding of me that she was able to make recommendations for me to offer my primary care doctor for supportive medications. I have always been against prescription medication for mood and emotion but her call was exactly what I needed to get me through a challenging time." - Ali

"Allison has been the most helpful therapist I've ever been to. She's kind, funny, honest, non judgmental, supportive and unconventional. I can't recommend her enough. She's one-of-a-kind and her methods of healing have truly changed my life." -Lexi