Work with Allison


Are you ready to make change at the most profound levels? Our work delves into the mind, body, and spirit to bring your souls purpose to fruition. Have you felt stuck underneath the heaviness of what our society calls depression or burdened by the unending frenetic anxiety? If you recognize that these modern ailments are often symptoms of a deeper calling then you have come to the right place. Let me be your guide through the fire.  We will begin an immersive journey into the nervous system, into the cellular memory of the body, digesting the stories and behavioral patterns that have held you away from the life you have been wanting to live. Through the creation of supportive foundations, collaborative intuition, and truth speaking; we will transcend limitation. Change will come from the body, through the heart, and back to the mind to make change on the material level visible. An abundant life is already present inside of you - let's just uncover it! Let's go there today.